About Us

Sometimes it takes a simple solution to solve a persistent and difficult challenge.

Over more than 30 years working in the turf industry, we began looking for an affordable and effective way to ease wear-and-tear on grass paths due to traffic from carts, heavy equipment, or foot traffic. That concern wasn’t just about aesthetics. While deterioration caused by worn grass is definitely an eyesore, it can also be a major slip and fall hazard.

Our solution is Traqmatz—a simple, sustainable mat system designed to help eliminate major slip and fall risks, along with unsightly wear paths. The beauty of Traqmatz is that it is accredited for fall protection on playgrounds also. We’re on a mission to keep your turf looking plush and healthy, while also keeping your playgrounds safe!

Our Mission

By focusing on innovative product design and paying close attention to client feedback, we’ve been able to develop the best possible solution to safely ensure a low maintenance area to walk, drive, and play.

We are, Ruggedly Safe!

Our Product

Traqmatz is an environmentally-friendly turf protection and safety system that allows water to drain through turf and top soil, improving growth and preventing damage. Made of 50% recycled premium rubber, lightweight protect the crown and root of grass blades and other organic materials, allowing them to grow in high-traffic areas. Our mats are low maintenance, highly durable, non-slip and offer excellent fall protection. Traqmatz can also be installed for both short and long-term use, delivering the flexibility you need to manage landscaping budgets and meet ever-changing turf maintenance needs. Each Traqmatz mat is 60″ x 39″, weighs 27.5 lbs and is about an inch thick.

How to Install

  • Mark and lay out the area that is to be covered by Traqmatz
  • Repair major depressions by filling them with a sandy based topsoil and apply grass seed or sod over the repaired area.
  • Lay Traqmatz over existing grass or sod within the area to be covered, pin outside of mats and use connection system above on inside or where mats join.
  • If there are any obstacles, cut around them using a utility knife.

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