A Simple Solution for High Traffic Zone Wear Paths for walking, driving and playing.



The newest innovation in high traffic zone wear path elimination.

Traqrollz are low maintenance, highly durable, non-slip and offer excellent fall protection up to 10ft (ASTMF1292).

Traqrollz can be installed for both short-term and long-term use, delivering the flexibility to meet your ever-changing turf maintenance needs.

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Traqmatz is a “ring o rubber hollow mat” that can be used on golf courses, municipal sports fields and playground applications across North America.  Each mat is 60Lx39Wx15/16ths thick, has a weight of 27.5lbs and is 50% recycled content. It is ASTM F1292 accredited for playgrounds with an average fall height of 10 ft.

Specifications: View Traqmatz Specs

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Why choose Traqmatz ?

Traqmatz is a high quality rubber hollow mat with competitive pricing. Combine that fact with our unique installation products – Traqpin & Traqconnect – and you’ve got a winning combination.

Four Products – One SOLUTION!


Traqmatz – is an environmentally-friendly turf protection and safety system that allows water to drain through turf and top soil, improving growth and preventing damage. Made of 50% recycled premium rubber, lightweight protect the crown and root of grass blades and other organic materials, allowing them to grow in high-traffic areas. Our mats are low maintenance, highly durable, non-slip and offer excellent fall protection. Traqmatz can also be installed for both short- and long-term use, delivering the flexibility you need to manage landscaping budgets and meet ever-changing turf maintenance needs. Each Traqmatz mat is 60 x 29 inches and 15/16ths of an inch thick. The mat weighs of 27.5 lbs.

Traqpin – A barbed plastic pin, that resists heaving and secures the TraQmatz mat down. 6 traqpins per mat is what is suggested.

Traqconnect – a revolutionary rubber holed mat fastening system that safely connects the mats together, without any sharp edges or zip ties. 4 traqconnects are what is suggested per mat.

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The Traqmatz mat can be used in existing playgrounds, park/playground, sports field entrance ways, where there is high grass wear and possibility to slip in wet areas. On gentle slopes it may be used as a grass erosion control mat.


The Traqmatz mat is ASTM F1292 accredited for playgrounds. Thus the mat can be used around swings, climbing structures, zip lines etc etc. It can also be used as an erosion control mat on slightly sloping hills, and as an anti-wear path mat in the entrance ways between fence posts.


The only limitations on where the mat can be used, is your imagination. Anywhere there is constant wear on turf, like the edges of cart paths, walking paths, and maintenance paths. Within 6-8 weeks, the grass will grow through the mat, and the mat will protect the crown and root of the grass, thus ensuring constant growth.


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