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Providing Innovative Solutions

In Turf Protection

Why Traqmatz is Your Solution

Our line of quality products address everyday problems with a simple and cost effective solution.

Traqmatz innovative designs have numerous applications from protecting turf to protecting your people.

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Protect Your Turf

From Golf To Parks

Great Ways To Use Traqmatz

  Promotes GrowthQuick Recovery Time

  Easy Installation  Low Maintenance

   Highly Durable

  5 Year Warranty

               Slip Resistant

 ASTM F1292 Fall Protection

Eco-Friendly 50% Recycled

 Fast Shipping


Jason Hanna

P.Ag. Chief Operating Officer, The Credit Valley Golf and Country Club

"One season later, both areas look as good as the day they were sodded. Traqmatz does a great job protecting the crown from heavy traffic as well as providing improved footing on steeper slopes." - 1 Year Review

Dean Baker

Superintendent, Burlington Golf andCountry Club

"We had to come up with a way to keep the natural look, particularly grass, in areas of heavy traffic. Along came Traqmatz and it has worked great."

Jeff Stauffer

Superintendent, Rosedale Golf Club

"We have been using Traqmatz for the better part of 4 years now and have not experienced any issues with the mat being pulled up. No negative experience so far."