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Adaptable Products With  Endless Applications


Traqmatz delivers excellent results in eliminating wear path damage and transforming cart paths. Traqmatz design promotes healthy growth and prevents wear from carts, machinery, and foot traffic. Use this product to cover damaged areas and prevent slipping.

Some of North America's top courses rely on Traqmatz to protect their turf and reduce maintenance!

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For landscapers, our leading edge product provides them with the best customer solution to protect turf and ensure minimal long-term maintenance. For those looking to provide the most innovative customer solutions, the team at Traqmatz is here to help.

Eliminate the use of plywood and unnecessary expenses as our team has the best products to protect against machinery damage. Inquire about our custom products available.

We also have the ability to create living driveways, pathways and parking lots as an eco-friendly alternative!

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Parks and Recreation

Traqmatz are a great solution for municipalities and playground builders who want to provide fall protection and ensure safety when playing in different recreational spaces. They provide protection in wear areas around fields and reduce erosion on sloping areas.

Traqmatz are ASTM F1292 certified and are excellent around playgrounds and swing sets.

Use them on beaches, pathways and docks!

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Endless Utilizations

We can customize designs based on your customer requirements*